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Ceramic Steel Alliance is fully committed, dedicated and equipped with the expertise and experience involving bonded panels using polyvision products. We work with.....


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Panel construction procedure using sandwiched panels

polyvision enamel steel surface is mild steel used for the manufacture of vitreous enamel paneling of the continuous coil type. The base steel shall be of 0.56 mm of special cold rolled quality suitable for enameling process and shall be from continuous coil.



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Step 1: Bora mill or bora silica or ceramic in the raw state is blended with coloured


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EN ISO 1716 (P/Min/Z):

First Additional Reaction to Fire Classification Report Nr 14674A. Issued by Warringtonfiregent EN ISO 1716 : 2002 Reaction to fire tests for building products determination of the heat of combustion.

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